UK alum to sing song in honor of Richmond Police Officer in DC


Hannah Ellis relives the tragic day her cousin Daniel Ellis was shot in the head during a robbery investigation. In her song “Officer Down” she tells the story through the eye’s of Daniel’s wife Katie.

Hannah Ellis says, “It was just so heavy on my mind, you know, watching her the day before she’d been so strong and handled it with so much grace…that I couldn’t imagine a person doing.”

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She will be singing the song, she wrote with two of her friends, in front of thousands of officers and their family members Sunday in our nation’s capitol. The performance will be at the end of a wreath laying ceremony remembering those that have died in the line of duty this year and in years past.

She says, “It’s going to be really great to be honoring Daniel and he was always so supportive of my career. And I know he would be really proud of what I’m doing.”

Ellis’s name along with five others in Kentucky: Nicholasville police officer Burke Rhoads, State Trooper Anson Tribby, Trooper Eric Chrisman, Trooper Joseph Ponder, and Bullet County Detention Officer Clifford Travis, will be revealed on a 304-foot long memorial wall at the service.

Officer Zachary Stokes with the Richmond Police Department says,  “For a lot of us here, it will be part of the healing process to know that his sacrifice is not going to be forgotten. And it’s going to be up there forever so I think that’s going to be part of the healing process for us to continue to push forward. ”

Besides bringing closure to Ellis’s comrades and family, Hannah hopes it will help bridge the gap between police and the public.

She says, “Hopefully this is going to bring more awareness to what’s going on in the culture today.”

Hannah’s song “Officer Down” is available for purchase on iTunes.