New forensics says Ohio Jane Doe could be from KY


MIAMI CO., Oh. (WTVQ) – 35 years ago, on April 24, 1981, an unidentified woman, now known as “Jane Doe,” was found in a ditch along Greenlee Road in Miami Co., Ohio, in what authorities called a homicide case.

The case remains unsolved, but detectives and forensic scientists say new technologies have brought the case back to life, and that the woman may have had ties to Kentucky.

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Along with a facial reconstruction, Miami Co. Sheriff’s detectives sent clothing that was on the woman, which was tested for pollen.

The analysis suggest that Jane Doe may have been from Kentucky.  Additional analysis also suggests she was from or spent a significant amount of time in the northeast, including areas in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.  Investigators also say she may have traveled to the western United States or Mexico shortly before her death.

If anyone recognizes the woman in the picture, or has any information in regards to Jane Doe’s identity, please contact Detective Steve Hickey with the Miami County Sheriff’s Office, 937-440-3965 ext. 6629 or the Miami County Communication Center at 937-440-9911.