Former Gov. Beshear releases 2015 income tax returns

Governor Beshear

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) – Former Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear has released tax returns from his final year in office.

Beshear and his wife earned more than $351,000 in 2015. About $135,500 came from salary. The rest came from investments, rental income and Social Security and retirement benefits.

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The Beshears paid more than $65,000 in taxes and received a refund of more than $8,800. They gave more than $8,000 to charity.

Beshear noted he has released 10 years of his individual tax returns dating back to his first campaign for governor. He criticized Republican Gov. Matt Bevin for not releasing his tax returns.

Bevin says he discloses what he must under state law. He has said his taxes are private and not anyone’s business.


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