Beshear says Bevin is abusing authority as governor

Steve Beshear

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) – Former Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear says his Republican successor is abusing his authority as governor.

Beshear has accused Republican Gov. Matt Bevin of threatening to cancel road projects in Democratic districts unless state representatives switched to the Republican party. He said Bevin has fired state employees simply for making political donations to Democrats. And he said Bevin threatened to refuse agency bond requests for colleges unless they agreed to his budget cuts.

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Beshear did not offer specific examples.

Bevin was traveling in Europe on Wednesday. But Republican Party of Kentucky spokesman Tres Watson said the news conference shows the depths Beshear will sink to hide the truth about his own administration.

Last week, Bevin accused Beshear of breaking state ethics and procurement laws and announced he was hiring a private law firm to investigate.


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