Zach Attack Bowl-a-thon sells out lanes for progeria research


Reported by Diane Gerstenfeld

Friends, family, and community members filled the lanes at Collins Bowling Alley in Lexington this afternoon.

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All to raise money for the Progeria Research Foundation and kids like nine year old Zach Pickard who was born with progeria.

Progeria is a rare genetic condition that speeds up the aging process.

Zach is only nine years old but he grows about six to eight times faster than normal.

But to the other kids Zach or Zach Attack, as they call him, he’s just another one of the bunch and they’re behind him.

“Zach is really funny he’s really nice. He’s just always the class clown of just anytime,” says nine-year-old Grace Porter.

“He needs money for all the people that have progeria and we need to fight it,” says eight-year-old Olivia Southard.

Zach’s mom Tina Pickard says “We always sell out all fourty lanes and it’s so awesome. And it’s so good to see this community support Zach and progeria research.

The Progeria Research Foundation is the only foundation that fights to find a cure for the fatal genetic condition. It helps fund clinical trials like the ones Zach participates in.

If you’d like to donate to help find a cure, check out Zach Attack’s website.

You can also join in on their next event, a golf tournament on May 21st.