Transitional housing for recovering addicts now in Richmond


RICHMOND, Ky. (WTVQ) – Transitional housing for recovering addicts is now available in Richmond.

The Liberty Place Recovery Center for Women now offers safe, sober place for recent graduates of recovery programs.

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Residents started moving into the eight apartments in February and will continue through next week.

The sober complex will help residents continue their treatment by not tempting them with drugs or alcohol.

“That gives them a much better chance of staying sober long-term,” said Gwen Holder, director of Liberty Place. “The longer that you stay sober, your chances are much better of being able to live a lifestyle of recovery.”

The apartments are open to both men and women who have completed a substance abuse treatment. Residents are required to have employment and qualify for federal Section 8 housing assistance. Their children can also live in the apartments with them.

Residents also must continue attending recovery meetings check in with Liberty Place counselors.