Lawmakers pass bill to let some felons clear records

KY Capitol

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) – Kentucky lawmakers have given final approval to legislation aimed at giving some nonviolent felons a second chance by letting them seek to have their criminal records erased.

The bill cleared the House on Friday and goes to Gov. Matt Bevin.

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Bevin recently praised the bill and said he looked forward to signing it into law.

The proposal cleared its biggest hurdle by winning Senate passage this week.

The bill would apply to people convicted of some Class D felony offenses, allowing them to ask a court to clear their records. It would not apply to felons convicted of violent crimes or sex offenses.

The final version requires eligible offenders to wait five years once serving out their sentences, including parole, before requesting to have their criminal records expunged.


The legislation is House Bill 40.


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