Latest on investigation into Estill Co. salmonella outbreak


ESTILL CO., Ky. (WTVQ) – Health officials in Estill Co. are continuing their investigation into what may have been the cause of the salmonella outbreak earlier this year.

According to the Health Department, two employees at Eagle’s Roost in Estill Co. had salmonella, but they have not confirmed that the two were the source of the outbreak.

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Here is a statement from their office:

“The health department does not have evidence to confirm that an employee was the source of the illness. Two employees tested positive for Salmonella, but testing of employees was voluntary. We are not able to discern if the employees contributed to the spread of the illness or were simply part of the group associated with the restaurant who fell ill.”

The latest numbers on the outbreak are as follows:

  • 83 cases that match the local definition of salmonella
  • 13 cases hospitalized
  • 49 female & 34 male
  • ages ranged from 7-82 years
  • dates of illness onset ranged from 1/17/16 to 2/10/16

Of the 83 cases only one was thought to be secondary transmission.