Fundraiser set up to help volunteer fire chief & wife


STAMPING GROUND, Ky. (WTVQ)- A gofundme page is set up to help a volunteer fire chief and his wife.

Stamping Ground firefighters say Chuck Helms’ wife Kim is battling stage four cancer that’s spreading throughout her body. They say the fundraiser will help cover the cost of medications and treatments.

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The gofundme page says, “Firefighting is a career that rewards the firefighter in smiles on children’s faces while showing them the fire engine; the smile on the little girl whose stranded cat you just rescued from high in a tree; or the tears of joy from the parents of the child you rescued from a house fire. However, that career, the career of being a hero for our communities most times does not provide for large savings, wealthy retirements or great insurance benefits.”

Firefighters say the Helms have been married for 36 years. They say Chuck Helms worked for many years as a firefighter in Georgetown before coming to the Stamping Ground Volunteer Fire Department as chief in the spring of 2015.

The gofundme page says, “Of course, in today’s world we all know the costs of battling a terminal illness, trying to keep the household afloat and doing all you can day to day just to have one more moment, one more minute and one more memory made with the love of your life can be more than most can afford. That is why as fire department brothers of Chuck, we have created this page to ask for help on his behalf. Chuck is a strong man, a just man, an honest man. But he is also a man like many of us that would never ask for help. But he is a man that with the health and comfort of his loving wife at heart would appreciate and accept any help that is given.”

Click here to get to the gofundme page.