Thanks to public support, family fixed home for disabled son


MT. EDEN, Ky. (WTVQ) — Earlier this year, we followed the Pack family, as they struggled to finance fixing their driveway, so ambulances could access their disabled son in messy weather.

His family says Caleb Pack was eight years old when he went to the hospital with a bad stomach virus. During his visit, the boy’s heart stopped. As doctors were giving his parents, Robin and Rick, condolences for their loss, Caleb’s heart began beating again. The amount of time his brain was deprived of oxygen was enough to cause damage.

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While his parents are grateful for their son’s life, and are happy to care for him the rest of his life, part of their house revealed itself to be a problem. Years of changing weather had washed away most of the gravel, leaving ruts and canyons, which left it inaccessible to emergency vehicles in winter weather. It also stopped important medication and supplies weren’t being delivered, because the drivers couldn’t reach their home.

Good news?

Thanks to a generous outpouring of support from local community members, the Pack family reached their $5.5 thousand goal, and were able to begin driveway repair and construction.

Just a day after the story was aired last week, Robin Pack told WTVQ that most of the supplies and volunteers stepped up to help – including a company that volunteered to work for gas money.

“My mind is going crazy! I do want the ones that are helping to be recognized, but I just don’t know any solid plans as of yet.”

Further donations can be made online via the LIGHT Center’s donation page.  All donations are tax deductible, according to LIGHT Center’s website.

You can also learn more about Caleb’s story through his Facebook page: Caleb’s Miracle.