U of Louisville law school adopts ‘compassion’ decree

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) – The faculty of the University of Louisville’s Brandeis School of Law has voted to adopt a resolution saying the school will “champion the cause of compassion.”

The Courier-Journal reports (http://cjky.it/1Sx0nz1) the resolution was passed 26-2 Tuesday after a heated debate.

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Supporters of the resolution argued that students need to embrace compassion and that it’s not the “exclusive preserve” of the left. Professor Sam Marcosson said compassion is about “empathy for the pain and suffering of others.”

Opponents, like professor Russell Weaver, said the resolution was part of the law school’s “partisan agenda” and could possibly come back to haunt the school. Professor Manning Warren said compassion is a “loaded term.”

Those on both sides of the debate have written opinion columns that appeared in online or print versions of the Courier-Journal.


Information from: The Courier-Journal, http://www.courier-journal.com


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