LDP: Lexington’s four homicides are not random


There have been four homicides in Lexington in 12 days.

Police don’t believe any of them are connected but detectives think the victims might have known their attackers.

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Joseph McDowell, Cornez “Corey” White, Caleb Hallet and Timothy Brown Jr. have all been killed by gun violence, according to police.

The most recent murder in Lexington was Brown’s. Police say he was shot multiple times Tuesday night then crashed his car in the McDonald’s parking lot on Russell Cave Road.
No arrests have been made but detectives think they are close.

Donald Roark Junior has been arrested for White’s murder. White was found shot in the parking lot of the University Trails Apartments.

Police have obtained five murder warrants in connection to Caleb Hallet’s death. They are looking for Kenyon Hipps, Marquess Smith and a juvenile, 17. Police say two other juveniles, both 17, are already in police custody.

Hallet was found shot n a vehicle on University Avenue Saturday morning.

Detectives are asking the public for help solving Joseph McDowell’s murder. Police say he got a call to meet someone and was later found shot on Roosevelt Boulevard.

All the investigations are on-going. Detectives don’t believe any of them are random.

Lexington Police and the Fayette County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office plans to re-instate the Cease Fire Program. It’s a joint effort between federal, state and local law enforcement to try and keep criminals behind bars and crime down.

“When they’re on the streets they commit crimes and when they’re in custody they don’t,” said Ray Larson, Fayette County Commonwealth’s Attorney. “We owe more to the good guys in this town than we do the bad guys and that’s what Cease Fire’s doing.”