Boyd County ‘mega-landfill’ to be downsized

Big Run Landfill

ASHLAND, Ky. (AP) – The Big Run Landfill in eastern Kentucky will downsize after the company, state and citizens groups reached an agreement.

Local media outlets report the agreement was made Tuesday. In June, a citizens’ group filed a lawsuit against the company and the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet, arguing the measures that expanded the landfill 10 years ago weren’t constitutional.

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Under the agreement, Big Run will transition from a mega-landfill to a regional one, just accepting waste from Boyd County and nearby counties. Trains will stop bringing trash to the landfill by next June and certain segments of the dump will be closed by September.

Judge-Executive Steve Towler says he hopes the agreement will address the environmental and odor problems, but keep the landfill’s contributions to the local economy.


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