Election 2015: Live from Matt Bevin’s HQ


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ) – Republican supporters are gathering  in Louisville at the Galt House for the Bevin campaign, hoping for a victory.

Matt Bevin cast his ballot with his family Tuesday morning in Louisville. As he filled his ballot out, he explained to his children how it all worked, and then slid the paper into the box.

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Campaign organizers say Bevin is in the hotel in a private room with family. He’s expected to be with his supporters later in the evening.

When asked about how he was feeling earlier in the day, he said he was feeling pretty confident. “I feel good, I really do. The momentum has shifted in recent days. It’s on our side. The enthusiasm is there. It really turns into a function of who turns out to vote. How many people come out from each side. Who can rally their base?”