Poor weather not discouraging Big Blue Madness campers


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- It’s that time of year again. Solid Blue fans, anticipating the start of a new season camp out in all kinds of weather, waiting for tickets to Big Blue Madness.

After Tuesday night’s rains you might be surprised to see so many tents still standing outside Memorial Coliseum. Last night’s madness left behind some “mudness”. It’s not discouraging anyone, yet the excitement can be too much at times.

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“It’s worth it, you know. The time you get up at five and get across the street and get you a good spot,” said one fan with another chiming in, “My phone got wet.”

Jessie James (yes that’s her real name) is approaching 80 years young. She remembers watching a legend coach, “It is a small price to pay to come out in the rain and whatever and suffer a little, sleeping on the hard ground.”

Her tent is set-up near Rupp’s namesake and you can be certain she’s staying there until she gets her spot in the arena.

“Getting to go see the games and be a part of that is something we just absolutely love,” says James.

Around the corner, Isaiah is a few years Jessie’s junior. His love of the Cats though isn’t wavering. He’s off school for the rest of the week. Parents Jasen and Nikki are giving him the full experience, complete with tent, cot and other essentials.

“And I got a banana and chips,” he says.

Big Blue Madness is October 16th at Rupp Arena. Tickets will be given out Friday night at 10 p.m.