UPDATE: Officials say Boston body was girl named Bella


BOSTON (AP) – Massachusetts officials have identified the little girl whose body was found in a trash bag earlier this summer as Bella Bond.
The body found on June 25 in Boston had been known as “Baby Doe” during an intense campaign to learn her identity. Her body was found by a woman walking her dog on a Boston Harbor beach.
House Speaker Robert DeLeo says it appears the girl’s mother and her boyfriend are “sort of blaming each other in terms of who harmed the child.” He says the boyfriend is hospitalized with drug issues, and that the case is before a grand jury.
Gov. Charlie Baker says the state’s child protection agency was involved with the girl’s family for several months in 2013, but the case was closed.
The discovery of the body sparked a massive social media campaign. Within two weeks, a composite image of the chubby-cheeked, brown-eyed girl had reached an estimated 47 million people on Facebook.

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