Beshear reacts to Kim Davis release


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Governor Steve Beshear (D-Ky.) reacted to the release of Kim Davis while he was attending a conference in Lexington Tuesday afternoon.

Beshear reiterated his message that he has being saying since the day that the Supreme Court decision was announced. He told county clerks to follow the law to issue marriage licenses to all eligible couples, gay or straight.

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A short time after the Supreme Court decision, Kim Davis’ lawyers asked the governor to call a special session to rewrite the law that forces county clerks to issue marriage licenses. The governor has refused, saying that a special session would cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Beshear has also been attacked as disregarding the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. ABC 36 News asked him about that on Tuesday, he said, “I don’t think the religious freedom law was ever passed to allow public official not to do their job.”

Beshear said out of the 120 clerks in the state, 117 are following the law and issuing marriage licenses to all eligible couples.

While Davis was in jail and the clerk’s deputies started issuing marriage licenses, Davis’ lawyers issued a statement that said the licenses were invalid. Beshear disputing that claim Tuesday, saying all marriage licenses issued by the Rowan County Clerk’s office were valid “and that’s that.”