First gay couple gets marriage license, Joe Davis reacts to Kim Davis in jail


MOREHEAD, Ky. (WTVQ) – Less than 24 hours after Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis was taken into federal custody for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses, the office she serves issued the first same sex marriage license.

Emotions were really high outside the Rowan County Clerk’s office Friday.  Crowds gathered to protest with signs and chants, half supporting Kim Davis and the other same-sex marriage.

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Its a day that could’ve happened just over 2 months ago but, finally Friday a same-sex couple walked out of the clerk’s office with a license to marry.

ABC 36’s Fadia Patterson talked with the couple outside the Rowan County Courthouse.

“This time it was easier because we had more support,” said William Smith Jr. “Last time, as soon as I came out we were already heartbroken and they [crowds] just started cheering that we didn’t get our license”.

William Smith Jr. and his partner, James Yates say they tried at least five times to get their license, but County Clerk Kim Davis refused.

” I started crying. I couldn’t stop! I was upset for a while,” Smith Jr. added.

Davis claimed “god’s authority” prohibited her from complying with the Supreme Court’s ruling that legalized same sex marriage.

Thursday Judge David Bunning held Davis in contempt and she was taken into federal custody .

Kim Davis’ husband, Joe Davis says he was present at Thursday’s court hearing in Ashland where Davis and all of her deputies were summoned.

Joe Davis, Kim Davis' husband
Joe Davis, Kim Davis’ husband

Davis talked about Bunning’s interaction with the clerks and quoted the judge saying, “either you sell them or I’m gonna stick you in jail!

Davis says, “that’s a threat!”

Five out of the six deputies under Kim Davis agreed to issue the licenses. The sole deputy who refused was Kim Davis’ son, Nathan Davis.

While standing outside the Rowan County Clerk’s office in support of his wife Friday morning, Davis called Judge Bunning a “bully”.

“The only thing that he wanted to do was make his point,” Davis added. “He had his mind made up from day one”.

Davis says he has not seen his wife since she was taken into custody. He says they have spoken over the phone and that” she is in good spirits.”

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