Saved Seats: Restaurant holds place for killed servicemen

A Lexington restaurant is honoring the four Marines and Naval Petty Officer who were killed in the Chattanooga, Tennessee shooting.

The O’Charley’s on Nicholasville Road has a table reserved in the middle of the restaurant.  It is set with five places, one for each serviceman killed in the Chattanooga, Tennessee shooting.

The restaurant general manager, Darrell Carlson, came up with the idea shortly after the shooting.  His son is in the Marines and his heart broke for the victim’s families.

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"What would happen if something like this happened to our son," said Carlson.  "It was kinda born out of the grief we felt for the other parents and although we’re very proud of our son we don’t want to be a Gold Star Marine parent."

Carlson hopes the table will honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice and that the Lexington community will remember them.

He plans to keep the table set and add information about all branches of the military.  He also wants to educate people on how they can help people serving in the military and their families.