Cellphone signal leads searchers to crashed plane

2 Kentuckians killed in plane crash

BRISTOL, Wis. (AP) — Authorities say they tracked a cellphone to southeastern Wisconsin in their search for a small plane that was long overdue at the Experimental Aircraft Association convention.

The bodies of two men were discovered in a crashed plane in a field in Kenosha (ken-OH’-shah) County on Sunday. Authorities had picked up a signal from a cellphone in the wreckage.

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Sheriff’s deputies and the Wisconsin Civil Air Patrol began searching for the small, homebuilt plane early Sunday after it was reported about 20 hours overdue to the air show in Oshkosh, about 125 miles to the north. The plane was found hours later.

Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth says the victims are believed to be from Indiana or Kentucky. Beth says it appears the plane was in major distress and came down vertically.

Federal aviation officials are investigating.


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