Cops Called as Rowan County Couple Illegally Denied Same-Sex Marriage License

MOREHEAD, Ky. (WTVQ) – Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has repeatedly called on Kentucky County Clerks, such as Kim Davis of Rowan County, to do their jobs and uphold the law that voters and tax-payers elected them to do.

However, a week and half after the Supreme Court’s ruling making same-sex marriage legal in every state of our union, there is still resistance.

Video of David Moore and his partner of 17 years being denied their marriage license has gone viral. The couple has lived in Rowan County for 10 years and say they want to marry there. The two were armed with a copy of the Supreme Court ruling and a letter from Governor Beshear ordering clerks to allow same-sex couples their right to marriage under the constitution they are paid to protect and serve.
"This is our right! She [Kim Davis] can’t deny us our right".

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The couple was refused their right to marry and the Sheriff of Rowan County was called.

The video that has thrust Kentucky into the spotlight over Kim Davis’ intolerance to allow same-sex couples the right to marry has over 1,000,000 YouTube views worldwide.

You can view the video in its entirety here on youtube.

Kim Davis is being sued by the American Civil Liberties Union (A.C.L.U.) on behalf of 4 couples. The A.C.L.U. says Davis must obey the law of the land. Davis cited religion as the reason behind the refusal.

Meanwhile, 57 Kentucky County Clerks have asked Governor Beshear to call a special session to deal with issues raised by the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage decision. In response to the requests of County Clerks for a special session, the governor said he won’t call it because it would cost the state money.