Police: Driver hits several cars, flips & crashes on Manor Drive

(LEXINGTON, K.y.) – Lexington Police say they were called about a reckless driver along Lakeshore Drive Tuesday night.

Witnesses told ABC 36 that they spotted the driver of a station wagon swerving in the roadway before he knocked out a stop sign and a mailbox at the intersection of Lakeshore and Manor Drive.

Authorities say the driver lost control, flipped and crashed into a yard around 11 p.m.

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A neighbor living on Sycamore Drive told ABC 36 that he saw the same vehicle on his street. Aaron Ammerman says the driver hit one of his vehicles and another next door. Ammerman says the wagon sped off before he could get a license plate number.

"I heard a big bang out front and I looked outside and there was a station wagon in my front yard and it had hit my neighbor’s car," Ammerman said. "I would just like him to take responsibility for what he did and hopefully he will."

Another neighbor told ABC 36 that her boyfriend’s car was also hit by the driver moments after he had left her home.

"I’m thankful that he didn’t kill anybody because there were a few pedestrians walking their dogs, so I’m just thankful that he didn’t kill anybody!"

Police told ABC 36 that the driver had to be extricated from the vehicle, but he was talking after the accident.

Authorities say he was taken to University of Kentucky Hospital for treatment.
According to police, there were no other injuries reported, but they do believe the driver hit other vehicles before the crash.

Police say they are investigating the accident as a possible D.U.I.