Police warn Lexington residents of potential scam

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Police want you to be on the lookout for what they’re calling a scam. They say it involves a man going door-to-door, offering a "too good to be true" TV service.

Police say, if caught, the man who calls himself Rick Stone would be charged with theft by deception. ABC 36 received Rick Stone’s number from someone close to the victim on Douglas Avenue and decided to give that number a call.

Rick Stone didn’t answer but after a short voice mail, sent a text message to us, wondering what we wanted.

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To back-track a bit, neighbors on Douglas Avenue and police say Stone was posing as a DIRECTV employee last week when we went door to door, offering a deal.

One customer went to police, after according to her, she paid $50 for a service that was never provided. Stone communicated with us through messages. In summary, he claims this is all a misunderstanding.

He acts surprised to learn a police report was filed and he maintains he is a retailer for DIRECTV, although he wouldn’t provide a manager or boss we could contact to have that information confirmed.

We asked him outright if he is scamming people. He says no, and that he has customers to prove that but again won’t provide an employer we could contact.

One neighbor we spoke with says in this neighborhood, $50, like the amount police say was taken for the service, goes a long way.

"They need their money. This is not a high-rent district to live in so people that live here need every dime they can get their hands on."

If you have any information on this, call Lexington Police.