UPDATE: Fayette schools narrows superintendent candidate pool

LEXINGTON, Ky.- Fayette County schools issued an update Friday night in its search for a new superintendent.

Below is the statement sent out by FCPS:

Members of the Fayette County Board of Education team issued a communication this evening to employees, families and community members after wrapping up its second day of Skype interviews with candidates for the post of Fayette County Public Schools Superintendent.

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“The quality of the candidates and their depth of experience are truly impressive,” board members said in a joint written statement that also included demographic details on the applicants and top candidates.

In all, 57 individuals from “coast to coast” submitted applications. According to self-reported information, 74 percent of applicants were male, 22 percent were female, and 4 percent chose not to respond. In terms of racial diversity, the pool was 58 percent white, 33 percent African-American, 2 percent Hispanic and 7 percent chose not to respond.

The applicant pool included an even distribution of experience, with 47 percent having less than 15 years of experience and 53 percent having more than 15 years of experience in education. Geographic diversity was also a evident with 29 percent of applicants currently working in the South, 24 percent from the East Coast, 31 percent from the Midwest, 13 percent from the West/Southwest and 4 percent who did not disclose. About 15 percent of applicants had past or present ties to Kentucky, while 82 percent did not, and 4 percent did not disclose.

After more than 18 hours of review, discussion and deliberation last week, the six-member Superintendent Screening Committee recommended seven potential candidates to the school board. The demographics of that group were 86 percent male and 14 percent female, 57 percent white and 43 percent African-American.

Over the course of two days this week, the school board interviewed eight candidates via Skype, with a demographic make-up of 75 percent male and 25 percent female, 63 percent white and 38 percent African-American.

McNamara Search will now continue the process of background and reference checks. The work will include education, credential and employment verification, credit reports, legal, driving and criminal records, and interviews of constituents in current and previous communities. Candidates will also take several assessments to provide the board with information about behavior, aptitude and cultural competence.

Once that process is complete, the board will decide how many candidates to bring in for public interviews. Board members said no decisions have been made about the number of interviews that will be held, but indicated a desire to begin interviews the week of June 22, 2015.