LPD: Officer attacked at gas station

Police officer attacked
LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – One man is behind bars after he attacked a Lexington police officer early Sunday morning, police officials say.

According to police, the officer was pumping gas at the Speedway gas station, at the corner of South Broadway and Angliana, when a gas station clerk came outside and asked the officer to talk to a man that was causing issues inside the store. 

The Speedway clerk told the officer the man was wearing a black shirt and the officer went inside to find the man, police say.

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According the police, the officer started talking to one man inside the store that was wearing a black shirt, but the clerks then told the officer that it was another man inside the store and they pointed him out.

The officer turned around to speak the man that the clerks were concerned about, and as he turned around, the suspect attacked the officer and reached for his gun, police officials tell ABC 36 News.

The officer hit the emergency button on his police radio and called a ‘Signal 7,’ which means officer needs immediate assistance, Lexington Police Lt. Clayton Roberts told ABC 36 News.

After more units arrived, officers were able to detain and then eventually arrest him.

Police say they arrested Brock Bedingfield, 33, and charged him with 3rd degree assault and attempting to disarm a police officer.

The officer was checked out on the scene by the fire department, but was not transported to the hospital.