World Record – Longest hoverboard flight


A futuristic World Record was broken on May 22 by Catalin Alexandru Duru at Lake Ouareau in Quebec, Canada.

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To beat the previous world record, Duru needed to create a hover board that could travel a minimum of 164 feet (50 meters) with a human rider.

Duru blew that record out of the water, traveling just over 905 feet before he and the machine sank into the waters of Lake Ouareu.

Duru said he built and designed the working hover board, inspired by the popular film “Back to the Future Part II”. He claimed that, during design, he insisted it had to be able to be ridden standing upright and controlled with the rider’s feet. This specification wasn’t required to beat the world record, but was apparently a personal creative choice.   

To create the hover board, he utilized the technology commonly used in recreational drones; Four huge propellers on the corners provide both lift and directional control.

While the prototype can be used anywhere, Duru said it’s usually tested over water because of how dangerously high it can fly.