Update: Lincoln County crews battle massive fire at pallett business

EUBANK, Ky. (WTVQ) – A fire broke out at J & J Pallet around 6 p.m. Tuesday. More than 75 firemen from six departments and four different counties including, Lincoln, Pulaski and Casey arrived to fight the fire.

Fire officials say they encountered a number of issues. Deputy Chief Troy Gingrass of the Lincoln County Fire Department says there were several structures and two tractor trailers on fire. Crews told ABC 36 there was no sprinkler system on the property. Fire crews also said the closest fire hydrant was several miles away and that they used more than 20 tankers to bring water to the site.

Officials say the Kentucky Division of Forestry was called to help contain the fire. Crews say that department used bulldozers to move piles of lumber and sawdust that were hindering firefighters from putting out the fire. Fire crews say they have done as much as possible to contain the fire and plan to let it burn out on its own.

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"It’s one of our biggest fires this year yet," said Deputy Chief Troy Gingrass. "Where all of the wood burned and it’s in piles, you can’t really haul enough water to put on it at this point. We’re going to let it burn down."

No injuries have been reported.

Officials say arson investigators were at the scene Tuesday night and will return Wednesday.
ABC 36 was told the site had property from at least three different owners. Fire crews say one owner has visited the property since the fire. Officials tell ABC 36 that a survey of the damage is underway and that they estimate the loss could amount to as much as $1 million.