Suspect’s family contacted law enforcement before chase

Police Car

BARDSTOWN, Ky. (AP) — Before a Bardstown man allegedly stole a pickup truck and rammed three police cruisers in a Mother’s Day chase, authorities say his family had contacted law enforcement to express concern about the man’s mental condition.

The 25-year-old suspect was shot during the confrontation Sunday and is in intensive care at University of Louisville Hospital.

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Three officers suffered minor injuries. All four involved are white.

Bardstown Police Chief Rick McCubbin said Monday the suspect smashed a vehicle into a Bardstown auto dealership and stole the pickup. McCubbin said the chase began when the suspect drove erratically and yelled at an officer.

Nelson County Sheriff Ed Mattingly says his office was contacted by the suspect’s family within 24 hours before the incident.

Mattingly says the suspect was clam, coherent and showed no aggression when deputies interviewed him.


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