Republicans gang up on Hal Heiner during radio debate

Hal Heiner

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — The Republican candidates for governor ganged up on Hal Heiner Wednesday morning during a debate on Kentucky’s most popular sports talk show in this basketball-crazed state.

James Comer called Heiner, a former Louisville Metro council member, the "Christian Laettner of Kentucky politics" during an hour-long debate broadcast on Kentucky Sports Radio. He blamed Heiner’s campaign for promoting a story that Comer abused his college girlfriend. Comer has denied the allegations.

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Matt Bevin criticized Heiner for voting to ban concealed weapons inside city buildings and for voting for a referendum that eventually led to tolls on Louisville bridges.

Heiner said he had nothing to do with the story about Comer’s girlfriend, a woman named Marilyn Thomas who told the Courier-Journal that Comer had abused her. He said Bevin mischaracterized his policy positions.


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