Firefighters use raft to rescue Lexington couple in flooding

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – One mission of mercy led to another in Northern Fayette County Friday night.

The Lexington Fire Department was called to Berea Road, off Iron Works Pike, because of cars stuck in high water. By the time firefighters arrived, they say the drivers had freed themselves.

But an elderly couple in a nearby house had become trapped. So firefighters used a raft to save them.

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Lexington Fire Captain John Walters says, "They’re in good spirits. A little cold right now. So we’re going to have an ambulance check them out for a little hyperthermia possibly. But good spirits, they’re doing good. So they should be okay."

When it came to driving, firefighters say flood water on Berea Road looks deceiving. While it doesn’t appear to be very deep, the rushing current makes it dangerous.