Burning couch cakes selling like hot cakes

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Solid Blue mania has caught fire all across the Bluegrass and now it’s even invaded sweet grocery store treats. The Whole Foods bakery in Lexington is selling couch burning cakes, inspired by one of Wildcat fans’ more infamous traditions.

Whole Foods manager safe last year they came up with the idea to make a couch burning cake. They say it’s caught on and really become a fad.

Elizabeth Goodman’s mother agrees. She came into the store today to get a cake for mom’s birthday on Saturday. She says they’re throwing a joint final four and birthday party for their friends and family. She says her mother wants a Solid Blue win along with the specialty sweet treat.

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Other customers in the store say they would not eat the cake until the cats won the national tournament.

Staff at Whole Foods says they can’t make the cakes fast enough but are still taking orders. They say if you come into the store, you may have to wait, but you will go home with the cake.

ABC 36 news even helped decorate some of cakes that went out the door on Thursday.