Dog saved after being found in dumpster

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Reba is now a healthy 5-month-old puppy, but just a few weeks ago she wasn’t.

She was found in a dumpster by a neighbor taking out trash in Lexington’s Cardinal Valley neighborhood.

The man saved the dog’s life, says Ashley Hammond, Lexington Humane Society’s Development Manager.

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“He heard whimpering from the dumpster, he looked in and saw something struggling in a trash bag,” Hammond says. “Reba had been put in a trash bag, inside a plastic crate [and] then in the dumpster at his apartment complex.”

“Some monster [did] this to her,” Hammond says.

According to the Humane Society, the man rescued the dog from the dumpster and brought her to Lexington-Fayette’s Animal Care and Control office on Old Frankfort Pike.

The dog was severely malnourished and suffering from rickets.

According to the Humane Society, rickets is where lack of nutrition causes tendons and bones to form incorrectly.

But, the Humane Society says, their medical team was able to help Reba just in time.

“She is healing,” Hammond says. “She is doing much better than she did when she first came in.”

Besides Reba needing a good home and a loving family, Lexington-Fayette’s Animal Care and Control is also looking for the person responsible.

“[They] are reaching out to the community to figure out who did this awful thing to her,” Hammond says. “Putting a dog in a trash bag and in a dumpster is absolutely heinous.”

But unfortunately, Reba’s story isn’t the only one.

Just last year, another pit bull was found abandoned in Lexington with a profanity word burned into her fur and skin.

“It happens to lots of other breeds as well,” Hammond says. “Chihuahuas get brought in all the time. Cats have been brought in from different hoarding situations and different things like that.”

“It’s very devastating to see these different cases and it’s very sad,” Hammond says. “It’s really sad that this happens in our community.”

If you have any information regarding Reba’s previous owner or who might have put her in the dumpster, call Lexington-Fayette’s Animal Care and Control at (859) 255-9033.

If you want to learn more about Reba or the Lexington Humane Society, head over to their website,