Cave Run Lake still growing as rain continues

ROWAN COUNTY, Ky. – The combination of melting snow and multiple rounds of rain this month have driven the water level at Cave Run Lake to be more than 11 feet above regular summer levels, a level that is not uncommon this time of year. The higher water levels have put some boat ramps and campgrounds under water.

The water in the reservoir has been climbing more quickly because a minimal amount of water is being allowed to pass through Cave Run Dam. Areas downstream are already dealing with high water and adding more water would cause more flooding. Instead, the water is held in the reservoir behind the dam until areas downstream start to dry out.

The current water level is far from the record set in 2012, when the water’s elevation reached near 760 feet. That is about 19 feet higher than the level as of Tuesday evening. It took so long to empty the extra water in the reservoir that year, some campgrounds did not open until just before Independence Day.

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Hiking trails are still open around Cave Run Lake, but they are extremely messy and muddy.