Four-wheel drive vehicles wanted to help people in need

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Moveable Feast in Lexington has delivered more than 44,000 meals in the 16 years the organization has been around. But because of the snow, some meal deliveries have been cancelled; the drivers say they haven’t been able to get to the homes needing food.
The organization usually delivers about 100 hot meals every weekday to people in need.

Thursday and Friday’s deliveries were cancelled because delivery drivers say they couldn’t safely make it to the homes needing food.

Moveable Feast is looking for volunteers with four-wheel drive vehicles to help make deliveries during bad weather.

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Two days of deliveries were cancelled in February because of the snow. To make sure people didn’t go hungry with the recent snow; extra canned food was dropped off with Wednesday’s delivery.

People interested in volunteering can contact Moveable Feast at: (859) 252-2867.

Meals on Wheels faced a similar situation about two-weeks ago. ABC 36 viewers answered the call for help and now Meals on Wheels wants to pay it forward and help Moveable Feast anyway it can.