With colder temperatures comes concern over power outages

Power outage
LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- With temperatures growing colder overnight and into the early morning hours, concerns are growing over possible power outages.

Homes in Woodford County experienced outages on the morning of February 19th. Kentucky Utilities says it’s because of the overuse of power.

To prevent outages like that from happening, KU says to save the amount of power you’re using.

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Some tips from them include not running your oven or dryer during the high usage hours of six and nine in the morning. KU also says to keep your TVs off and not use any unnecessary lights during those hours.

The power shutting off in overuse instances is a good thing, according to the power company which says the alternative is a fire.

"It keeps from consuming a lot of electricity, just individually and if we get lots of people that are not doing that then that means we could be in pretty good shape," says KU spokesman Cliff Feltham.

If you’re concerned about potential outages in your area, KU offers a map which allows you to track those. Just go to http://stormcenter.lge-ku.com/default.html.