Protestors preach beliefs, noise affects nearby business

A few days a week people go outside of the EMW Women’s Clinic in Lexington to protest abortions. "Just because they’re small people don’t think of them as people. If they were killing two-year-olds, there would be people chained to that building," said Erika Callihan, protestor.

She and others from the Cities for Life Lexington group spent a few hours on Thursday morning handing out literature and tiny rubber models of fetuses to cars passing by. Their hope is to change the minds of mothers-to-be who want to terminate their unborn children.

But, part of their routine is using a megaphone–that can get quite loud.
One owner of a nearby yoga studio said she spent $600 on insulation to block out the sound.

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Laura Hallock, an owner of Hallock Stained Glass, also hears the noise on her way in to work.  "My customers don’t like hearing all that. They don’t like the pictures. One lady says it was a good thing she didn’t bring her granddaughter because she would’ve been scared," says Hallock.

"To that I’m sorry but we do try to support the businesses," says Callihan. For her and those with her, their message is just too important. "God opens doors if Christians simply put themselves out there, if we’re faithful to the call," says Callihan.

Additionally, one woman who works at a nearby adjusting firm stopped to talk to the protestors.  She said she supports what the group is doing.

The woman working the front desk at EMW Womens Clinic said no one from the office could talk to us today.  She also says the clinic performs abortions from 6.5 to 12 weeks of age.