Power overload during record cold temperatures

Record low temperatures and no heat is not a good combination.

Kentucky Utilities says it happened throughout the Bluegrass Thursday morning when people lost their power which in turn made them lose heat.

KU says the power was back on after about 90 minutes to the nearly 2,000 people in Versailles who were stuck in the dark and cold.

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Too many people were using too much power and the circuits overloaded according to KU.

“It’s a safety factor,” said Cliff Feltham with Kentucky Utilities.  “If it didn’t switch off we would experience fires rather than outages and we never want that kind of thing.”
As temperatures are expected to get even colder, KU recommends keeping some electricity turned off to prevent the overload from happening again.

It said the best thing to do is not run the dryer or oven between six and nine in the morning when usage is at a peak.  KU also recommends taking little steps to save electricity like not turning on every TV or light in the house.

If the power goes out again, KU said it will fix the problem as quickly as possible but reminds everyone its crews will be out working in the dangerously cold temperatures and they need to stay safe too.