KYTC offers safe driving tips for extreme weather


Extreme weather has stranded many drivers in central Kentucky.  The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has  these tips to get you moving once again.

  • Clear the windows on your vehicle before taking off.  Do not depend on the defrost to do it for you.  Also, be sure your windshield wipers are clear of ice.  It is recommended you prop them up so they won’t freeze to your windshield.


  • Increase the distance between vehicles because it takes a longer time to stop on snow or ice. 


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  • Turn on your vehicles headlights in the day and be sure they are clear of snow or mud.  This will increase your visibility and make you more obvious to others driving through snow.


  • Be prepared to be stranded.  When you take your vehicle out, be sure there is a full tank of gas and that your cell phone has a full battery.  Pack food and water in your trunk as well as blankets.


  • If you have space for it, a shovel can come in handy if you need to be dug out.  Kitty litter or sand can also add weight to your car as well as provide traction for your tires.  Scraps of carpet and cardboard can also help tires that are spinning on the ice.

Of course, the best driving advice in these conditions is to stay at home until road crews can get the streets cleared of snow.