Inmate nicknamed ‘Rambo’ pleads guilty in plot to kill agent

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NEW YORK (AP) — A former U.S. soldier known as "Rambo" faces 10 years in prison to life after pleading guilty in New York to conspiring to kill a federal agent.

Joseph Hunter entered the plea Friday in Manhattan federal court, admitting he conspired to kill a Drug Enforcement Administration agent and one of the agent’s informants. Hunter’s nickname comes from a Sylvester Stallone film series about a troubled but highly skilled soldier.

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Hunter told Judge Laura Taylor Swain he joined the conspiracy in 2013. He said he also conspired to sell cocaine. No one was hurt in the sting operation.

Attorney Marlon Kirton said outside court his 49-year-old client suffers from post-traumatic stress and hopes to get back to his wife and two sons in Owensboro, Kentucky.