Lexington’s new Public Safety Operations Center set for summer 2016

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – City workers say Lexington’s new Public Safety Operations Center will house the divisions of Emergency Management, Enhanced 911 and LexCall, all under one roof.  City officials say having a common location will improve Lexington’s ability to respond to requests and concerns.  Currently, when someone dials 911, a phone is answered at either a fire station on East Third Street or at police headquarters on East Main.  If someone has a question about city services, LexCall 311 is housed in a different building on East Main. 
"The Lexington division of Enhanced 911 takes 252,000 emergency calls a year. Right now when they call 911 for a fire or medical emergency we have to transfer that call to a separate dispatch center where that’s from. When we come to this center we will be able to merge those activities into one building, no longer necessary to transfer calls between centers. It’ll be handled the first time you call," said Robert Stack, Director of Enhanced 911.
Mayor Jim Gray and city officials had a "ground breaking" ceremony on Tuesday.  They said it was a big step forward for emergency management.  The plan to merge the dispatchers, emergency managers and call center was brought up in 2008.  It was put on hold when the construction budget ballooned to more than $39 million.  The current budget is less than a third of that at about $12 million. the new center on Cisco Road is expected to open early in the summer of 2016.

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