MADD president backs ignition interlock bill to combat DUI


FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) — A national advocate against impaired driving has endorsed a bill aimed at cracking down on drunken driving in Kentucky by having ignition interlock devices installed in the vehicles of DUI offenders.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving President Colleen Sheehey-Church told a state Capitol rally on Tuesday that interlock devices can save lives.

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She said the devices keep offenders from driving drunk but allow them to continue their daily lives.

Rep. Dennis Keene said his bill would require repeat DUI offenders to have the devices installed in their vehicles in order to drive. He said first-time offenders could be back on the road sooner with the devices.

Drivers must blow into the devices in order to start their vehicles. If their blood alcohol concentration exceeds a certain level, the vehicles won’t start.