Sentence delivered for man charged in animal cruelty case

Horse Abuse
A Pendleton Co. man accused in an animal cruelty case will serve probation and pay fines, but will not serve any jail time.  Prosecutors say last spring, Larry Browning had 49 horse carcasses on his farm, along with another 19 horses that were starving to death. 

Browning, who at one point was facing nearly 70 charges, entered an Alford Plea.  An Alford Plea means that Browning didn’t admit guilt, but didn’t fight the charges in court.  As a result of his plea, Browning’s charges were reduced to a single count of failing to properly dispose of an animal carcass.

He will be on probation for a year and a half, and will pay $7,500 dollars to care for the horses that were removed from his farm.

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