Northeast Snow Causes Flight Cancellations at Blue Grass Airport

The storm that already passed through our area is now hitting the Northeast hard. 

It’s expected to dump two or three feet or snow and its already led to about 6,000 flight cancellations across the county. 

The Blue Grass Airport only had three cancellations on Monday.

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The airport said it’s easier to cancel one flight than to have a plane get stuck in the snow which could cause even more delays.

The airport said to keep an eye on flights and check the airline or airport’s website often.

“Always check to make sure the cities you’re flying to are also not being effected by bad weather,” said Amy Caudill with the Blue Grass Airport.  “Just because there’s not snow in your main destination, where you’re either going or coming from, doesn’t mean there might not be snow in the middle so certainly check in on those cities.”
Caudill adds that many airlines are offering the option to change flights without a fee if it is cancelled.