Historic Home In Danville Moved

The Danville Heritage Architecture Board had turned down a demolition request for an historic home, so Centre College decided to move it.

The bungalow was moved a mile from its Fifth Street location to the Historic Warehouse District on the Centre College campus Wednesday at midnight.

The move through Danville took more than an hour, which took six months to plan.

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Danville Police, the Boyle County Sheriff’s Department and Boyle County Emergency Management all helped.

Hundreds of staff and students came outside to watch the house be driven down the street.

John Roush, president of Centre College, said the move was quite unusual.

"Our students came out, and we are taking a study break you. We’ll get this house moved in and we are all going back to work," said Roush.

College officials said they will renovate the house and use it for student housing starting this fall.

Roush said it could potentially become Centre College’s fifth sorority house.