Deadly Winchester Home Invasion Cases Sent to Grand Jury

A Detective took the stand during a hearing for two of the four suspects accused in deadly Winchester home invasion that took the life of an Eastern Kentucky Student.

Lamont Wilkerson and Aaron Stailey are both accused of burglary and murder.

Both Wilkerson and Stailey’s cases will be sent to a grand jury.

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An officer testified that Stailey and Wilkerson both admitted they were planning on stealing drugs from the victim’s apartment and that it was Wilkerson’s idea.

The officer said Stailey, Wilkerson and a third suspect, Christopher Robinson, all tried to shove their way into the victim’s apartment but only Robinson got inside.
Police believe a stray bullet from Robinson’s gun was what hit and killed Amber Caudill in her apartment below. 
Stailey and Wilkerson’s attorneys argued that because the two men never fired any shots, there wasn’t probable cause for the murder charge.
The judge disagreed and sent all charges to a grand jury.
Police believe Lillian Barnett drove the getaway car.  Her case has also been sent to a grand jury.
Robinson has not yet been arraigned.