Salvation Army: Makes Room For Those In Need

Even when near capacity, Lexington’s Salvation Army will not turn anyone away.
On Wednesday, 160 of the Salvation Army’s 162 beds were full. Still, their staff said they will always make room for those in need.
Lexington’s Emergency Weather Plan is in place at least through Friday. That plan lists the Salvation Army as a 24-hour shelter. However, that’s nothing new for them.
"We’re open 365 days a year," said Major Debra Ashcraft.
Someone who is particularly thankful, Deanna Combs, came to the shelter on the 31st.
She said she was given a coat and gloves, plus a warm place to stay.
Combs does chores, takes classes and has a support system so that she can continue on with her life.
She said she was particularly grateful to have a place inside during the latest cold snap.
"I really like it here," said Combs. "That’s the way it needs to be."

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