Pet owner records adorably sad video after leaving his dog home alone

Pet owners often wonder what their pets are up to in the hours while they’re away at work. One dog owner set to find out by attaching a GoPro camera to his dog’s collar. 

A Missouri dog owner uploaded a video to YouTube which shows exactly how distraught his dog becomes when he is away. The dog paces between rooms, desperately searching for its owner, before ultimately giving up on a pile of laundry. From there the dog howls for his owner’s return. 

"I’ve had him for six years and today is the first day I have heard him howl," the dog’s owner said in a thread on Reddit. The owner says he had no idea his dog had become this lonely during his days alone. 

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"He has never acted out before…. never destroyed stuff or anything… so I had no reason to believe he was losing it this bad," the owner wrote on Reddit.