Making New Year’s Resolutions

What New Year’s would be complete without talking about resolutions?

Wednesday evening, we caught up with folks celebrating in downtown Lexington to talk about what they resolved to do in 2015.

"Just trying to make it the best year we can."
"A better friend."
"Buy more Kentucky Lottery tickets."
"Spending time with people."

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Like watching the ball drop or a toast, making resolutions has become a New Year’s tradition.

"You know, sometimes life gets crazy and you make lots of excuses and I don’t want to be like that, I want to really, like soak up all the moments with my friends."

Like that, your goals can be social.

"I’m more of an introverted person so spending time with people and finding a, a hobby that is not playing video games."

Some make educational goals for themselves.

"To get through PA school at UK."

Others will seek to make money, one way or another like one man who resolved to purchase more lottery tickets in 2015.

But making resolutions isn’t for everyone. According to Forbes magazine, only 40 percent of us who make resolutions, stick with them.

"If I need to change something I usually just do it when I realize I need to change it."