Police: Man Arrested In Jewelry Theft At Richmond Home

Codinle R. Yoder
Richmond police accused a man of stealing cash and jewelry from a home he was hired to work on.
Officers said Codinle R. Yoder, 25, Richmond, took the items from a house on Oldham Avenue around November 22.

The crime was reported on December 4, according to investigators.

Yoder was charged two days later after police interviewed him at the Madison County jail.

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Officers said Yoder had been incarcerated because of unrelated charges.

The victim told police that the theft included $850.00 in cash, eight pair of 14K gold earrings, two 14K gold necklaces, a pair of diamond earrings and several pieces of firefighter memorabilia.

The woman also told officers that Yoder and another person had been working on her home when the theft happened.

Police believe Yoder had since sold some of the stolen jewelry.