Noah’s Ark Billboard In Lexington Brings Controversy

A controversial new billboard floods the Commonwealth.  The people behind Northern Kentucky’s Creation Museum and planned ark park erected a 10-foot by 36-foot billboard in Lexington.

The billboard on New Circle reads, "To all of our intolerant liberal friends thank God you can’t sink this ship."

More than a dozen of the same billboards will go up in Louisville and near Cincinnati.  A digital one will also appear in Times Square in New York City.  

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Answers In Genesis is the company building the ark park.  Their spokesperson said they put up the billboards to get attention.

According to the book of Genesis, God told Noah to build an ark so he could survive that a flood that would wipe out all life not aboard the ark. 

As a tourist attraction, Answers In Genesis (AIG) wants to build a life sized ark.  The company also wants a state tax rebate.

AIG said it has not yet determined its hiring policies, but its website says it must be staffed with people who agree with their statement of faith.

The statement of faith, in part, defines marriage as between one man and woman, says life begins at inception, and states any history, or science cannot be valid if it contradicts the Bible.

If you don’t agree with those statements, this is what the company thinks of you, "We’re calling people like that intolerant, especially when they’re using some myths to oppose the ark project," said AIG spokesperson Mark Looy.

Looy said "Intolerant liberals," "Agitators," and "Secularists" are running a misinformation campaign to sink the ark park.

"We wanted it (the billboard) certainly to be eye-catching," said Looy.

The ark park applied to get a state sales tax rebate, which would allow them to receive up to 25% of their initial investment in 10-years.  The ark park’s application with the state is pending.  The Tourism Cabinet’s looking into the company’s hiring policies.

"There have been correspondences between our Cabinet and the Ark Encounter on this issue, and yes we have asked questions about discrimination practices and their hiring practices," said Tourism Cabinet Spokesperson Gil Lawson.

If the ark park does not get the rebate, Looy said it would be a huge financial loss.

Lawson said he doesn’t know of a religious organization in Kentucky that has ever gotten this kind of tax rebate.